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Bike Services

Affordable bike services in Canmore. Give us a call to inquire about services and turnaround time. We do custom jobs to get your bike in the best shape possible. Swing by so we can tell you what you need and give you a quote.

  • Frame

    • Inspect for cracks/other damage
    • Bottom bracket inspection
    • Headset inspection
    • Tighten all bolts
    • Clean
  • Drivetrain

    • Inspect and adjust shifting
    • Inspect derailleur hangar
    • Inspect and tighten pedals
  • Brakes

    • Inspect pads
    • Inspect and true rotors
    • Inspect and tighten pedals
  • Wheels

    • Hub adjustment
    • Lateral true
    • Clean

Additional Services

E-Bike Tune


  • Legacy tune
  • Check electrics
  • Extra time

Battery Diagnosis


  • Check voltage
  • Load test

Safety Check


  • Visual inspection (Frame/Fork/Wheels)
  • Check shifting/chain
  • Check brakes
  • Check all bolts
  • Inflate tires

Flat Tire Fix

$20.00 + Cost of Tube

Brake Bleed

$45.00 per line

Drivetrain Clean


Shop Rate

Any services you need for $90/hour

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