Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re curious about how consignment works at Sports Garage, we’ve got you covered. If you want to shop our consignment offerings, head down to the store to browse our stock. If you want to consign your own items, keep reading. Here’s a bit of background info:

We accept gently used sporting equipment of all sizes including children, youth, and adults. Items need to be in good to excellent condition and free from rips, tears, and stains. We have the right to decline items based on condition, age of the item, current store inventory, product demand, and seasonality. That said, it’s always worth submitting your items for review, so don’t be shy!

Here's How it Works

Step 1:

Gather up your gently used sports equipment you’d like to consign and bring them in for an in-store assessment; no need to make an appointment. We recommend calling or emailing before bringing oversized items to the store. If you're not sure if we'll accept your items, feel free to get in touch.

Step 2:

If your items are something we can take, our staff will give you a price we think it can sell for.

Step 3:

If you agree with the price, you will leave your item with us, and we will sell it for you! You will then have the option of receiving either:

-An in-store credit worth 70% of the selling value, good for up to one full year! or

-An e-transfer worth 60% of the selling value

We will get in touch when your item sells.

Payments will be issued on the first of every month for all items sold before that date.

Step 4:

If it hasn’t sold by the end of our 90-day consignment period, it’s your responsibility to come to pick up the item no later than five days after the consignment period ends. 

Note: If it has not been picked up by this time, the item becomes the property of Sports Garage, and we have the right to reduce the price of the item further or donate or dispose of it as we deem appropriate.