E-Bike Canmore To Banff: Your Guide

E-Bike Canmore To Banff: Your Guide

Looking to e-bike from Canmore to Banff? You’re in for a great ride. The path between Canmore and Banff is just as lovely as the two communities it connects, and you get the benefit of spending time in both towns in one day. Also, you get the opportunity to spend time outdoors. That said, the journey isn’t short. It’s a paved trail running parallel to the Trans-Canada highway, and it’s about 25 km in distance. If you’re planning on biking there and back, you’re looking at 50km round-trip. Not bad for an afternoon, wouldn’t you say? It typically takes an hour or two each way, but you can turn around wherever you like. So, you can really make this ride you own. There’s a washroom along the way, and a couple of awesome lookout points and places to stop that will make the ride even more enjoyable. 

Another great thing about the Legacy Trail is that it’s approved for e-bikes. So, you can get the thrill of riding from Canmore to Banff and all the views without suffering. If you want to try your hand at e-biking the legacy trail, here’s what you need to know.

The Route: E-Bike Canmore to Banff 

If you’re starting in Canmore, your ride will begin at the Travel Alberta Canmore Visitor Centre. There’s a big parking lot so you can leave your car if you’ve brought your bikes that way. Be aware, the parking lot does tend to fill up early, especially on weekends in the summer. 

Once you find yourself on the trail, all you need to do is follow that path. The trail is obvious and intuitive, so you almost definitely won’t lose your way. As you go, you’ll find that the highway can be a bit loud, but you’ll dip into the woods for some sweet serenity at several times of the day. One of the more obvious stops along the way is the Valleyview picnic area, which offers gorgeous views of the valley (hence the name) and the perfect spot for a snack or quick break. This area is found closer to Canmore, less than halfway, so be prepared for a good chunk of riding on the other end. 

Another stop you can consider is Cascade Ponds, just outside of Banff, if you’re in the mood for a picnic. Once you hit Banff, the trail continues on the road, where you’ll enter the town of Banff. Of course, this is completely up to you. If you just wanted to make it to Banff’s perimeter and turn around, you’re good to go! But, why not make a day of it and stop for lunch in Banff? If you follow the road, you’ll end up right on Banff Ave, where you’ll find dozens of awesome options for coffee, lunch, brunch, drinks, dinner, and more. When you’re ready to head back to Canmore, the journey reverses, and you’ll head back to the Visitor Centre in Canmore. 

The trail itself is quite flat, with just a couple of hills, so the journey is a lot easier than it sounds. While it might be long, it’s absolutely worth it and such a great way to get some quality time in the sun on a nice day. Oh, and the journey is a million times better on an e-bike. So, let’s talk about that! 

Renting E-Bikes in Canmore

If you’re going to e-bike from Canmore to Banff, you’ll want to get your e-bikes in Canmore. If you don’t own one yourself, renting is a great option, especially if you’re considering getting an e-bike and want to try it out. Why not give it a real try of a 50km journey, right?

So, to snag your e-bike rentals, you can book online, over the phone, via email, or in-person at Sports Garage in Canmore. Sports Garage is located at #125B 1 Industrial Place which is just five minutes from the trailhead for the Legacy Trail. 

We’d highly suggest booking your bikes in advance, especially if you’ve got a group. The easiest way is online, but we’re happy to connect with you directly if you have any questions along the way. On the day of your booking, you’ll show up at Sports Garage a bit early, and we’ll show you the ins and outs of your bike. You can try riding it in the parking lot and get comfortable before we send you on your way. With your rentals, we include a helmet, bike lock, and trunk bag, so don’t worry about any of those! 

You can rent e-bikes for two hours, half a day, or a full day. For the Legacy Trail, we’d suggest either a half-day or full-day, depending on how much time you’d like to spend in Banff once you arrive. 

We’d suggest you bring along some layers, water, a snack, some bear spray (we have some for sale if you need it), some gloves so your fingers don’t get cold on chillier days, and a credit card for us to hold onto while you’re out on your ride. 

The process is super simple, and we’ll make sure you know everything you need to and more before you hit the trail. If you have questions about your route, we’re more than happy to help. When you’re done riding, return your e-bikes to Sports Garage, and you’re good to go! 

Renting E-Bikes with Sports Garage 

We love helping people get on e-bikes. Whether you’re considering getting your own or just looking for a fun new way to explore the Bow Valley, we recommend renting e-bikes in Canmore as a summer activity. If you don’t want to bike all the way to Banff, there are many other trail options, even if you’re just cruising around town. 

We know you’ll love it, and we can’t wait to set you up! Contact our team to inquire about group or multi-day rates. If you’re ready to ride, lock in those bookings now before they fill up.

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