Your Guide To Exploring The Iconic Moraine Lake Road For Summer 2023

Your Guide To Exploring The Iconic Moraine Lake Road For Summer 2023

People travel from around the world to visit the Bow Valley and iconic destinations such as Lake Louise. Among those destinations is the breathtaking Moraine Lake. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing Moraine Lake for yourself, we're willing to bet you've seen photos of its unbelievably turquoise water and gorgeous surrounding peaks. In 2023, Moraine Lake Road will be closed to personal vehicles. While this begs the question of how visitors can access it, it also allows for new ways to explore the area with far less traffic. So, here's what you need to know. 

What's So Special About Moraine Lake Road?

Moraine Lake Road provides access to one of the Rockies' most popular tourist destinations, Moraine Lake. Beautiful mountains and alpine forests surround the glacier-fed lake. The water itself is an attraction because it's so vibrant in colour that it's hard to believe it occurs naturally. There are tons of hiking trails and access to rock climbing in the area, so there's no question why visitors flock to the area. This year, Parks Canada has prohibited personal vehicles from accessing the road. 

Moraine Lake Road Closure 

The closure is a result of high traffic and congestion. According to Parks Canada, the demand has exceeded available parking. The hope is that disallowing personal vehicles will improve the visitor experience by reducing frustration for those who need help finding parking. Further, this change intends to improve wildlife movement in the corridor and reduce carbon emissions. From June to mid-October, the road will only be accessible by a few approved means. 

How Can I Get To Moraine Lake in 2023? 

Visitors who want to visit Moraine Lake will have four options in 2023: the Parks Canada Shuttle, Roam Transit, commercial transportation providers, and access by bike. The Parks Canada Shuttle can be reserved in advance. Roam Transit can be used by those who purchase the "super pass." This way, you can connect via the Parks Canada Lake Connector Shuttle. There are also registered commercial transportation operators and taxis you can consider using. If you'd like to bike the Moraine Lake Road, this is a fun and unique way to get to Moraine Lake. 

Biking Moraine Lake Road 

Moraine Lake Road is a 25 km round-trip bike ride. So, it's not for the faint of heart. Though, regular bicycles and pedal-assist e-bikes are permitted. Parks Canada does advise that parking is limited in the community of Lake Louise, so you'll want to plan that portion of your journey accordingly. 

E-Biking Moraine Lake Road 

If you'd like to use an e-bike for your Moraine Lake Road journey, you can rent them at Sports Garage in Canmore. All you need to do is book your rentals online. You will likely need a full-day rental to allow for the full duration of the experience. You will also want to rent one of our e-bike racks, each of which can handle two e-bikes. If there are four bikers, you can rent four bikes and two racks to be set up on two vehicles. We will get you your e-bike, helmet, and saddle bags at the shop. We'll also help you install your bike racks. Once we've given you the rundown on using your bikes safely, you're ready to ride! It's that simple. Visitors love using your e-bikes to bike between Canmore and Banff, and we suspect that the Moraine Lake Road adventure will be a huge draw for e-bike rentals during the 2023 season. Book in advance if you want to ensure you can get bikes for your trip.

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